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There are many types of fish to fish, but the most difficult of all is the legendary fish in Starkew Valley. Here’s how to find them.

In Stardew Valley, the challenge of fish seems to be one of the most strenuous parts. These fish can be traced to the lakes, rivers and oceans that can be discovered through the map. There are 83 species defined in this game, of which 5 species are determined as legendary. But capture them, as they are of special types, it will not be easy. To catch them, you should look through your unique time and seasonal patterns.

How to fish legendary fish

StarDew Valley Iridium Fishing Rod

To undertake a trip in search of legendary fish, you must have confidence in your skills and tricks. Also, you need your weapon from an extraordinary level. So be sure that your fishing skills are level 6. For what you will get Stardew Valley’s Iridium fishing rod. This fishing rod is a specific type that attracts fish with trick. This cane will take the insect meat bait or a pile of lobster soup. You can also buy this Willy cane by 7500g. You must do it at this time if you want to fish the legendary fish.

Legendary Fish Locations in Stardew Valley

Mutant Carp

This fish is found in the green waters of the sewers. This is an easy capture since it does not require any time or special season. As soon as you go down by the sewer, you will have the opportunity to trap the mutant tent. Will be sold by 1000g-2000g

Glacier fish

The name clarifies its location very well. Glacier fish can be found in the southern areas of the game in the winter season. It can be found between 6 am and 8 pm. The range of sale will be 1000G-2000g.


You may have to walk a little more to see the legendary fish. Your skill level should be 10. The main moment of your discovery will be the rainy weather and weather will be 6 am to 8 pm. It will be sold by 5000G-10,000g.


It requires the autumn season and can be trapped at any time in the ramshackle wooden bridge. Its rank will vary from 900g-1800g.

Crimson fish

The level of fishing ability should be 5. You can fish between 6 am and 8 pm. They will meet at the East Pier. The value ranges between 1500g-3000g.

Legendary fish provide fun to players who enjoy implementing their fishing skills in Stardew Valley. Perhaps, this will not be easy, but the difficult challenges are often more fun to appreciate.

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