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Fortnite now has a new way of play that is strangely similar to among us that the player of the players calls as a rocker. Like popular independent success, in this new fashion, players can go around, kill their friends and try to find out who is the impostor. Gameplay and terminology are very similar, up to map.

Fortnite ‘impostors’ mode opposes up to 10 players against each other. Normal competitors, called agents, will work together to perform a series of tasks on the whole card, while the holding impostors will do what they must do to prevent the group from progressing.

EPIC could have easily made a complete collaboration with Innersloth, who has become famous because of the huge success that Among US has had in the world of play. However, they chose not to do it. It seems that this new Fortnite game mode, with Unreal’s hyper flexible tools, a clone of what Among US offers.

_ Would have been really, really cool to collaborate_, mentioned the director of the Innersloth community, Victoria Tran. As the mechanisms of play, very well, they should not be monitored. But, at the very least, even different themes or terminology make things more interesting? »

Unity’s chief programmer at Innersloth, Adriel Wallick, also weighed on this issue and shared a comic book on the extent of the internet. Although he did not mention Fortnite in his tweet, the publication seemed more than just a coincidence. Everything in the world had already felt insurmountable_, he wrote on social networks. _Dun, it was just another fun reminder of how much we are really small.

The co-founder of Innersloth, Marcus Bromander, also stated that they have not patented the mechanics among us, but he pointed out that originality can not be such a challenge. Is it really so difficult to put 10% more efforts to bring your own touch? _? he wrote.

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